Airport & Auditorium Chair

The Airport & Auditorium are perfect for conference rooms, hospital waiting rooms and airport lounges. all you have to do is join a couple of elements together and turns it into a comfortable consecutive seating area.

Airport Chair CR-3AL

  • 3 seat in a row
  • Metal seat
  • Aluminium arm, leg and support in powder coating silver
  • Also available : 4 seat in a row, 5 seat in a row

Airport Chair LK1-AL

  • Seat/back : high quality press wood
  • Armrest aluminium alloy
  • Beam, leg aluminium in powder coating


  • Folding seat in oscar
  • Backrest : oscar
  • Steel frame in powder coating silver
  • Wooden armpad in melamic finished

Auditorium Chair AC-DH

  • Folding seat in leather
  • Backrest : leather
  • Wood frame in melamic finished
  • with folding table (inside arm)
  • with cup holder
  • Steel leg in powder coating black

Auditorium Chair AC-2F

  • 4 seat in a row
  • folding seat in fabric
  • backrest : fabric
  • steel leg in powder coating black
  • also available 2 seat in a row (AC-2F 2 seat)
  • 3 seat in a row (AC-2F 3 seat)
  • 5 seat in a row (AC-2F 5 seat)